Aims & Objectives

our aims & objectives

The college seeks to assist young men and women who receive the call of God in spiritual, intellectual, moral and social development to go forth with the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. It is committed to develop life-long disciples and servants of Christ to meet the needs of the Church and society. All the curricular programs and activities are directed to create an atmosphere of oneness and prepare the students to be more effective servants and faithful shepherds who will fulfil the Great Commission of our Lord. The college programs are designed to equip and train students to become effective witnesses of God’s Word to the people in various contexts. It intends to instill in students the value of cultural heritage in the context of the people so that the Bible is interpreted in line with the context without deviating from the truth. The college also aims to prepare students to be ecumenical in outlook and evangelical in approach for the service of the Lord.