our library

Manipur Theological College treats library as one of the most important organ of the college, as it is not only a repository of books and documents, but also a resource/information centre, and centre of several academic activities. The Library contains more than 12,000+ volumes containing all aspects of theological curricula. Approximately 500 new volumes are added annually.


When Classes are in Session:

*Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 04:00 pm
*Saturday 9:00 am to 12:00 am

Students are not allowed to use library during Chapel time and seminar programmes.

General Instructions

For the smooth functioning of the Library, the following instructions are prepared to help and guide the users of the College Library. Each user is expected to thoroughly go through these instructions and follow them accordingly.

1. The users should regard the rigid enforcement of the rules as an aid, rather than a hindrance in the use of the Library.

a) Your Library is the heart of your College. Use it! With gratitude and respect.
b) If you do not find the book, you want, refer to the card file and ask the Library staff to help you.
c) When you have selected a book, enter your name in the book card. Take the card and the book to the Library staff for check out.
d) Treat the book/s with great care.
e) Return book/s on or before due date.
f) Pay overdue fees immediately and cheerfully.
g) Check often the bulletin board and posters for new book lists and suggestions.
h) Tell your friends about the Library and of the good books you have found there.
i) Switch off your mobile before entering the Library.
j) Every student/user is urged to contribute to the high standards of the college by their good manners and kind conduct.

2. Membership Registration:

After duly filling in the Library registration form, the names of both students and staff are entered in the Library membership register, with the registration number that appears on the reader’s card.

3. Reference Section:

The Reference Books are not removable from the Library. Their use, therefore, is restricted to Library.

4. Periodical Section:

Periodical (Journals, Magazines, Series, etc.) conveys nascent thought and latest development of the subject. It is an important tool for updating knowledge and conducting research. It is also a tool for recreational reading. Periodical section is one of the important sections of the Library. It is a must for academic, research and special Libraries. A single volume or issue should not be made lost. Following terms and conditions should be strictly maintained in regards to Periodicals.

a) Periodicals may be checked out overnight for study purpose and also for Xerox on request in written.
b) Whoever wants to check out Periodical may do so by entering all the necessary information in the register.
c) For overnight check out, it shall be done between 8:15 and 8:30 p.m.
d) It should be returned before classes begin (by 9:30 a.m.) the next day. Failure of which will lead to fine of Rs. 5/- per book per hour.

5. Reader’s Cards:

Cards are issued to every reader who is registered to the membership of the Library. The faculty, staffs, students of the college should have their respective cards. The reader’s card is non-transferable. Books are issued to the followings with limited days:

1. B.D. Students: 6 cards.
2. M.Th. Students: 10 cards
3. Teaching Staff: 10 cards.
4. Non-teaching staff: 3 cards.

6. Issuing/Checking out Books:

Books can be checked out during the Library hours only. No book/s is/are issued without reader’s card (1 card, 1 book only).

7. Submitting/Returning Books:

Checked out books can be returned even before the due date if the borrowers want to do so. No book/s will be received at any place except on the Library circulation desk.

8. The Reservation Process:

a) Certain books are kept in the reserved shelf according to the need of each course.
b) Upon the suggestion of the teacher of the concerned subject, books will be kept in the reserved shelf.
c) Books in the reserved shelf are not for check out. They should be used only inside the Library.
d) Duration for the reserved books depends upon the course for which they are kept.

9. Last Copy:

The book/s stamped with the seal “LAST COPY NOT TO BE ISSUED” is/are not to be checked out. These are for reading in the Library only.

10. Fine:

a) Fine @ Re. 2 per book per day for overdue of the book/s shall be taken.
b) The fines will be used for the maintenance and development of the Library.
c) The fines are to be paid to the Librarian only at the Librarian’s counter.
d) Whoever loses the book is responsible for either buying a copy of the lost book or pay the price of the book (according to the market rate).
e) Rs. 100/- per book shall be fined for books torn, defaced, marked or damaged in any form.

11. Stealing of Book/s:

Taking out book/s from the Library without checked out is considered as stealing. Whenever and if any student is found stealing of book/s, it shall be intimated to the College Authority for necessary action.

12. Outsiders:

Outsiders may come to the Library to read book(s) during the office hour. After entering their names in the visitor’s register, they can have access to the Library. They cannot check out books from the Library.

13. Disciplinary Action

Necessary disciplinary action will be taken by the concerned authorities on those who violate any specified rules and regulations.

14. Copyright Act, 1957.

The Copyright Act, 1957 protects original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and cinematograph films and sound recordings from unauthorized uses. So any person who knowingly infringes or abets the infringement of the copyright in any work commits criminal offence under section 63 of the Copyright Act. All documents of the library are under Copyright Act. Copying (Xerox or reproducing) of any MTC Library documents other than the purpose of private study, for criticism or review is strictly prohibited. College or the Librarian will not bear for any problem but the individual who abets the infringement of the copyright will be responsible.